Amazing Mosaics is a unique Western Australian company owned and operated by artist, Nathan Hopkins.
Originally from Busselton in the South West, Nathan's artistic talent was evident from a young age.
Steadily maturing as an artist ever since, Nathan is now a practiced master of drawing, painting
and sculpture, and has emerged from his experiences as WA's premier Mosaic Tiling Artist.

2 x 1m Greek style solid moulded cement table

The Artist at work!

1.5m high smash-tile Parakeet  


2 x 1m Greek style solid moulded cement table

1.5m diameter Sun God polarises the mood at Sevichi's in Fremantle          A huge Fremantle Dockers fan proudly displays their smash-tile Mosaic logo

Nathan's ability to create life-like mosaic tile scenes is truly amazing. His special
smash-tile technique and creative flare results in eye-perfect 3D features that will continue to spark conversation
and enhance your surroundings year after year. His talent in the field of art extends to mosaic art pieces,
landscaping enhancements including entry statements and his talents at creating beautiful paintings..


2 x 1m Greek style solid moulded cement table


Click here for the Dreamtime Story of Tjungarrayi

   Nathan's clients are people looking for something very special and original
to compliment their lifestyle. When only the best will do, look no further than
Amazing Mosaics.

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